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You never know when an opportunity will present itself!

Thank you for visiting my web site, www.eco-friendlypackaging.com. My name is Paul DeFruscio and for the past 11 years I have been working to develop packaging programs for companies in the manufacturing, retail, and wholesale trades. Prior to this I have been involved in the jewelry industry as the owner of a manufacturing company.  My experience in the business world are extensive and include designer of jewelry and accessories, purchasing manager and a manufacturer’s representative for 25 years.

As a sales professional, I know an opportunity when it presents itself. Such was the case on a trip to a trade show in Florida. While visiting a show, I always have my mind focused on any selling opportunity, but in addition I look for new concepts or materials that we can develop into a new packaging item. On the last day at this particular show, I walked by a booth, and was promptly “drawn into” it. While there I looked at the product that was being displayed, it was of no particular interest to me as I could not “see” it fitting into any product categories that I service. As I was leaving the booth I was told that all of the materials that were used to produce the products were recyclable. “Interesting” I thought, until I learned that all of the materials were made from “wood free” and the materials that were used were considered Agri-residue which was a renewable resource. It was at that point that my company Eco-Friendly Packaging was born.

Working with various companies both small to large.  From your local mom and pop candy store to retail giants like Target, Macy's, Wal Mart and JC Penney I have found that there are 14 questions one should ask before creating new packaging or launching a new product.  The questions are very simple, but sometime the simpliest questions are the ones overlooked.  With that in mind I am posting the 14 questions you need to ask yourself prior to launching a new or relaunching an existing product.

  • What are you selling?

  • Who is your market?

  • What is the business cycle for the market you plan to sell into?

  • What is the price structure for your products?

  • What is your budget for the implementation of new packaging?

  • What are the regulatory regulations for your market?

  • What type of packaging do you “envision” for your product?

  • Who will manufacture your package ?

  • What country will your packaging be produced in ?

  • What are the expectations from the development and introduction of new packaging ?

  • What unit sales volume do you need to meet your projected sales goals?

  • What is the total cost of your new marketing efforts and how will this be included in the pricing structure of the package?

  • What time frame are you setting to reach your sales goals?

  • Is you packaging budget realistic in meeting sales goals?

Good luck with your product launch,if you are looking to purchase, on demand packaging, please visit our new product category for gift packaging, there you will find thousands of packaging options that will ship from our warehuse in Minnesota, and if I can be of assistance please feel free to email.


Paul DeFruscio, Vice President

Eco-friendly Packaging (formerly Jennifer Rose Packaging Solutions)

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