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Please visit our new web site Pour-N-Pack.com for more information. Simple to use system developed to aid you in the development of your own chocolate bars. Just pour your melted chocolate into one of our direct pour, food safe, eco-friendly trays and you have a chocolate bar. Decorate with your choice of confections, dried fruits, or nuts and you have your own customized chocolate bar. This is also a great way to make Artisan style type bars. For more information please email pauld@pour-n-pack.com

Eco-friendly Packaging Shred

The perfect compliment to your gift baskets, or decorative packaging. We only offer eco-friendly paper shred, made from recycled paper, it comes in two styles, Crinkle or z shred as some people call it, and a very fine shred. Available in 23 different colors it is packaged in 10 pound boxes, 50 pound boxes are available, please email for a quotation. Shred is shipped from our warehouse in Minnesota. For questions or more details please email paul@eco-friendlypackaging.com

 Creative Packaging Concepts

Our business model requires us to create custom packaging solutions.  In this category you will see some of the projects that we have completed

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Display Cards

In this product category we offer display cards made from "tree free" paper.  This paper is handmade and is a blend of bamboo and cotton.  These cards are made in Bangladesh by "womens collorabatives".  Available in 11 colors, I am sure you will find a color and item that will compliment your jewelry.

Eco-friendly Tableware

Eco-friendly tableware is an up and coming product category for us.  People everywhere are looking for eco-friendly solutions for outdoor activities, corporate gatherings, fairs, festivals, cafes and coffee shops.  Please browse our vast collection of casual table ware. If you have questions please feel free to email paul@eco-friendlypackaging.com.

Eco-friendly Gift Packaging

Here is the link to our free Gift packaging catalog.

Tree Free Brand Paper

Tree free paper is just what the title states, paper that is made for plant fiber.

 Decorative Wine Packaging (coming soon)